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  • Richard Levine

    A BIG STICK: Nick Carlile, seen here with the Lord Howe Island phasmid, discovered the thought-to-be extinct insect in 2001.Patrick Honan, Zoos Victoria

  • Jeanette Thomas

    Researchers rediscover a giant insect, thought to have gone extinct a century ago, and plan to reintroduce it to its native island off the coast of Australia. “I’d not seen such a large invertebrate. It was like going back to the Jurassic, when insects ruled the world.”

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Giant Shield Bug (Asiarcha angulosa, Tessaratomidae)

Geo time in rocks and fossils. Cute and creative way to teach younglings ♥

I miss cicadas. When I was little I would find their shed exoskeletons everywhere, and hear the distinctive buzzing. "But that was Wisconsin. That was yesterday."- Bon Iver

Insects After The Rain... - The Meta Picture

  • Jennifer Mills

    These are beautiful! But it's morning dew, not rain :) That's why all the drops are so delicate and not running into eachother.

Helicopter Damselfly (Megaloprepus sp.) by Scott Olmsead #Insects #Damselfly

  • Ava Philippus

    Lovely. I can imagine a long dress that looks like this, very flowing.

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites

So beautiful, we call them all butterflies but they are all so different. This is a perfect display of how each and every person, creative idea and experience is so wonderfully different from each other.

For the good of the hive and also the world.

Six-Legged Syringes: Researchers whose work requires that they draw blood from wild animals are finding unlikely collaborators in biting insects... BUGGING THE NEST: A bloodsucking bug pokes its head out of a perforated dummy egg—a setup that ecologist Peter Becker uses to collect blood from nesting birds...