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    • Marie' Kerry

      List of Free Apps for Education (free apps list)

    • Deanna Westedt

      Free school apps list

    • Amanda Young

      List of Free Educational Apps. #technology #ipad #apps

    • Sam Hazell

      Great iPad apps for Education

    • Cassy Thompson

      Free Apps for Education - I think that technology has made a mark in the educational world and given the opportunity, I will take advantage of that. These are just a few really good educational apps.

    • Fernanda Puga

      Free apps for education list, great for teachers and educators!

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    Traveling with young kids made easy: Put an entire outfit (including undies and hair accessories) in a ziploc bag. One bag per day. When you get to the hotel, they can pick one per day. Huge time saver! plus dirty clothes don't get mixed in with clean ones !

    Santa explanation for when the time comes... Brilliant explanation :)

    Bathing in the dark with glow sticks in the tub. Kids will have a blast with this one :-)

    The Uh Oh Bucket - "You left it out, I picked it up. I've got your stuff , you're out of luck! To get it back must do a chore, and again it is yours just like before!" (Love it!)

    Use Punch Cards for a Reward System - This has revolutionized our chore system! The kids only get paid for the chores they actually do and when they want money they do as many chores as they can!! Easy to manage and positive incentivizing!

    Use hair spray and glitter to make tooth fairy money. I'll have to remember this one day:)

    75 Things to do with your kids. Traditions they will remember. Someone wrote: "Best list I've ever seen! So many things I'd never heard or thought of!"

    1. Buy some "magic" Jelly Beans 2. Plant them in your yard- this only works the night before Easter (wink wink) 3. The next morning go out and see what grew (large Lollipops!) Totally doing this!!! :)

    Write notes back & forth with your child. Leave it on their bed, when they have a chance, they write back and leave it on your bed. How neat would it be to have those notes to look back on?


    75 Things to do with your kids (many are FREE)..Traditions they will remember. One of the best lists I've seen.

    Nature scavenger hunt.

    Cloud Jars. A spectacular (but super easy!) activity that will have your class hooked. Use in conjunction with weather units etc. #science #ece #learnwithplayathome

    This WILL be DONE in our home this year!

    FREE Age Appropriate Chore List for Kids - Frugal Homeschool Family

    Turning Toddler Scribbles into Art...putting this one in my back pocket for the future. :) Love it!!


    Winter to do List (love this)


    water cycle- shaving cream on top of water. add food coloring, when it gets to heavy it will seep into the water. love it!

    On The Go

    Time for Play: Smashing Balls (baked cotton balls) flour + water + cotton balls + hammer = 2 very happy boys

    Growing A Jeweled Rose: 100+ Fall Activities and Crafts for Kids- Our Bucket List


    Free Disney Coloring Pages. All in one place, much faster than google imaging line drawings for each one!