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I often do this - go outside turn my face up to the sky, close my eyes and marvel at God's creation.

When I see people running for shelter when it's raining, I laugh a little. Rain feels so stinkin' good! My hair gets all curly and it feels like something is tickling your skin and every nerve you have. Why would you wanna get away from it?

Summer rain storm

"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." ~ I used to love to walk in the rain in my older teens.Like a walk in the rain.


Woman leaving an offering on Mt Batur, Bali, Indonesia by Margie Politzer

How I feel when I miss my mom…

Rain makes emotions stronger. That statement is so very true. In the rain I feel most because the storm on the outside matches the storm on the inside.


There is so much more to life than work, and possessions. Stop for a moment, enjoy the little things of the life:, the wind in your hair, the grass between your toes.

All people deserve happy, fulfilling lives. Like most people, I used to believe that I deserved only a little bit of good. Few people believe they deserve all good! Do not limit your good. We need to know that we're already good enough, and that without changing anything at all, we deserve a wonderful life. I open my arms wide and declare with love that I deserve and accept all good! ~Louise Hay

Oh satisfy me lord. You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're more than all this world can give. You're beautiful. More beautiful. Your love it all I need to live!

Dog Kennel and Runs. The run is optional for this cabin dog kennel. Available as self-assembly. www.qualitydogkennels.co.uk/dog-kennel-and-runs/

Dog Kennel and Runs. The run is optional for this cabin dog kennel. Available as self-assembly.

7 Tips for Running in the Rain

7 Tips for Running in the Rain

Dedicated to running outside? Read these practical tips for running in the rain to keep up your training, rain or shine!

Ireland, in my opinion, is totally one of those trips that you could pack with a carry-on. I’d stick to sneakers, one pair of rain boots, a rain coat, leggings, a pair of running shorts, jeans, a sweater, a plain tee, and a Patagonia fleece. You could really do it. Like an outdoorsy, explore-y, tourist...

Packing for Ireland in the Summer

“My portraits are more about me than they are about the people I photograph.”  Photographer Richard Avedon

You need more lessons but your getting there. Mary Poppins should be pleased with your progress! by Richard Avedon : Carmen Dell’Orefice (Homage to Munkácsi), Place François-Premier, Paris, 1957 Harper’s Bazaar Coat by Pierre Cardin