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FTC Cracks Down on Greenwashing in the Mattress Industry

Good news for everyone sick of "greenwashing." The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is cracking down on the mattress industry as a whole--and Es...

Ian56 on

When you need hundreds of protests just to tell the world bombing children is wrong...and other humans///

Guns don't kill people. People living in a culture of glorified patriotic violence with unfettered access to firearms kill people... WITH GUNS.

Appeals Court Rules: There Is No Second Amendment Right to Carry Concealed Firearms Outside the Home

Appeals Court: No Second Amendment Right to Carry Firearms Outside the Home - On Thursday, the Ninth Circuit concluded that the Constitution does not grant citizens the right to carry concealed firearms outside the home.

18 Simple Ways Other Countries Are Just Better Than America

Kasai™ on

One of the political parties has always tried to get a safety net under people. . .[Obamacare] is an enormous Accomplishment. It started with glitches and problems - but all of our nat'l endeavors started out badly. WW II did not start well, or the Highway Act or Social Security or the the Hoover Dam. What happens is they get FIXED by both parties. . .and that's what should happen now. If one party says "no", they should anticipate having the sick, the dying, the dead on their lawn."

New Anti-GMO-Labeling Bill Would Deny You Your Right to Know

This bill, drafted by the food industry, would ban both states AND the FDA from labeling GMOs! Speak up now to defeat this horrible, anti-consumer bill!

#Illinois nurses say #notonemore … #MomsDemand #gunsense. It is a FACT that over 100,000 people per year are shot. Over 30,000 per year die from gunshots.

Feds Push Back On Governors Over Syrian Refugees

Governors don’t have any real control over the federal government’s decision to accept and place Syrian refugees — but they could frustrate the efforts of federal officials to do so. Over the past 48 hours, more than half of the nation’s governors have called for a halt to allowing Syrian refugees into the country for now, a response to this past weekend’s terrorist attacks in Paris that left more than 120 people dead.