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A painting of the Christmas Tree Schooner at the Great Lakes Coast Guard Museum in Two Rivers. The schooner, with 16 crew members, never reached Chicago. Not until 59 years later was she found in 170 feet of water off Rawley Point, her Christmas trees still stashed in her hold. The schooner remains preserved in the icy waters of Lake Michigan.

A good overview of Michigan's nine underwater preserves that include nearly 1,900 square miles of Great Lakes bottomlands, an area nearly the size of the state of Delaware. The underwater preserves protect some of the region's most sensitive underwater resources. Shipwrecks, artifacts, and natural features attract skin and scuba divers from across the United States. They come to explore these shipwrecks and observe how the cold, fresh water of the Great Lakes preserves history.

Great Lakes Lighthouses: Rawley Point Lighthouse, Rawley Point, WI Point Beach State Forest Park, (Two Rivers Point on Rawley's Point) Lake Michigan 1874

Christmas Tree in Galeries Lafayette - Paris -when you compare this to the picture of the tree that used to be in the old City of Paris store in SF, you see the resemblance.

The Rouse Simmons - set sail in November of 1912 with a load of Christmas trees bound for Chicago, but never reached its destination. For years her fate remained a mystery, until 1971 when the wreck was discovered in 170 feet of water northeast of Two Rivers.

Christmas tree in front of Notre Dame, Paris- It would definitely be lovely to see Paris at Christmas time.

Abandoned Michigan Central Railroad Station, Detroit, MI. It was so very beautiful....I can remember the long, long ride into the city from our farm. My Dad would put me on the train to go visit family in Indiana. What a sight to take in for a little farm girl. I remember those huge ornate columns was a work of art...