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  • Lisa Brown

    Spectacular Fake-out Foods for Your April Fool's Day Menu | POUNDING AWAY | Look closely at the bread on this grilled cheese sandwich – it's really sliced pound cake. The melted cheese doesn't have an ounce of dairy but it's got plenty of sugar since it's really buttercream frosting with a few drops of yellow food coloring.

  • Dana Stefanson

    April Fools Prank- Grilled cheese sandwich is really pound cake and frosting...totally doing this!

  • Colena Hous

    April Fools day grilled cheese....really sponge cake with orange icing

  • Kim Jordan

    pound cake, frosting, yellow and orange food coloring!

  • Michelle Gary

    About a million April Fool's prank ideas. Some are way too mean for us, but the food pranks are fun (the "grilled cheese" in the picture is pound cake & orange icing, and that's just one of many!)

  • Mia Diewald
    • 15 weeks ago

    OMG the grilled cheese with pound cake and and frosting looked so real I was about to pin that for a recipe! Could totally get me with that!

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