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I DO NOT but to all my contemporary classmates, I thought of Mrs. Shepherd... :)

hockey woman-working on it Don says, "Do you know what that blue spot in front of the net is called?" My reply: "The danger zone? The crease!" Me: "The danger zone is better!

And that's a whole lot

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It's a great day for hockey! #hockey

It's a great day for hockey quote poster. From Badger Bob Johnson, my former coach's Dad.

"hahaha hockey humor, but even better for those that dont understand hockey humor --yeahh no one like a hooker, but at least they are a service rendered and paid for---your lower that hoe."---- from a previous post..... OMG Loo freaking hilarious ROFL!

No one likes a hooker- I want this shirt! Where can I find one? i feel like this could be a fantastic bday gift for the hubby!

Hockey! Hockey! Hockey!

Can't wait for the NHL season to start. Hopefully this year the hawks will bring stanley back to Chicago!

Yes. There is an NHL logo in the corner, and I think that is a hockey stick on the ice, but it can be for ringette to

Only a skater would understand. Also, how it somehow manages to seep into your favorite practice gloves every single time.