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omar ortiz - Hyperrealisme

Mexican Omar Ortiz uses human body as main element in its work. His hyper-realistic artwork is amazing Omar Ortiz {::} ++

Cuéntame una historia: "Camille" Pierre Lemaitre

Amazing Saatchi Online Artist: Tigran Tsitoghdzyan - Oil painting, "Mirror", S)

Hyper realistic painting, large scale but inclusive of small details. Time consuming but very effective both from close up and a distance. Would definitely want to attempt a painting of this scale.

This incredible work by Zaria Forman looks unbelievably realistic! If we didn't know better, we'd think these drawings were actual photographs. Shes so creative, this takes real time and dedication.

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"Blue Eyes" by Angie Braun, Angie Braun is an German painter, known for working in the PopArt Figurative style. Angie Braun living and working in Germany.

Running Towards Oil Love Painting  - Also Running Towards Love Fine Art Prints.

Runing Towards Love Art Print by Leonid Afremov

Running Towards Love — Palette Knife Woman Under Umbrella Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov. Size: X Inches cm x

Acqua #3

Joseph Zbukvic (Croatian-born) ~ "Barges, Venice" ~ watercolor ~Incredible light with so few strokes

Water Watercolor Car Retro Arte

Reminds me of "The Relatives Came" ---- Lance Johnson ~ Watercolor Reminds me of someone I loved very much.

Flowers And Violin Painting  - Flowers And Violin Fine Art Print

Sweet Flower — PALETTE KNIFE Oil Painting On Canvas I like the use of bright paint in this as it makes the painting stand out. I also like the use of chunky brush strokes and thick paint as it gives this piece an interesting texture


Igor Sava The neutral colours give a lovely atmosphere to the painting, combined with the fading of the background, suggesting an afternoon haze.

I give super kudos to people who can paint and those who can do portrait. The fact that Françoise Nielly does both, but with a nontraditional colorful approach kind of makes me want to bow down and worship the ground this man walks on. It's just way too fabulous. This and more found at http://blogof.francescomugnai.com/2011/06/unique-and-colorful-portraits-by-francoise-nielly/

Unique and colorful portraits by Françoise Nielly

“ Untitled by Francoise Nielly oil on canvas I am enthralled with the colors, texture & technique in this painting and the next few posts will be other portraits by this artist.