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Johnson Rifle - While not as well known as the Garand, the Johnson semi-automatic rifle offered a 10 round magazine (2 more than the M1) and could be “topped up” with stripper clips easily. The Johnson was to see limited utilization by the U.S. Marine Corps in the early Pacific campaign. One drawback on the Johnson applied to its short-recoil action and reciprocating barrel, which limited the weight of any issue bayonet.

FB Radom MSBS (Poland) assault rifle, 5.56x45mm NATO, being developed for the Polish Armed Forces.

Yep, that's a Desert Eagle rifle. Solid mod concept for an otherwise almost useless pistol. :D

HK G3 scoped with CETME type wood furniture, reproduction FG42 German paratrooper rifle, & FN FAL with wood furniture.