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If only they would have kept that up with all the rest of the angel episodes.

Ooo cake.

Doesn't cake make everybody feel better. Not even the doctor can resist the power of cake.

Well he also quoted the lion king...

Or did toy story quote the doctor? <<< technically toy story quoted doctor who because at the point in history when that episode happened was before toy story was out. <<< unless the doctor watched toy story and then went back in time to quote it.

Saw both these episodes today

Go poke it with a stick. (Insert supernatural gif) Dude you're not gonna poke her with a stick!

This is so true it hurts

The director really did get that right. :) The Percy Jackson movies are so inaccurate it's not even funny. And there is so much truth about the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson movies in the comments

This… I was like scroll past… wait, what?!

Rose rose rose rose rose, Well you just broke my heart. « and then there's ten who's just like "my rose.

Doctor Who - The Silence

This is actually a little scary since I've experienced almost all of the things listed. <-- or when you trip over thin air.

I LOVED having Donna's grandfather in the episodes, I thought he was great! <=Until the very end. I have mixed feelings about Wilfred in the end. I hate him because Ten couldnt help not helping him but at the same time I cant really hate him because it wasnt really his fault either.

"I love the dynamic between the Doctor and Wilf. Wilf sees him as a young man, maybe a nephew or grandson, but the Doctor sees Wilf the same way.

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David Tennant = Ultimate Fanboy I love that I can totally hear him saying all of this in his voice XD

...I need to memorise this.

Tick tock goes the clock he cradled and he rocked her. Tick tock goes the clock 'til River kills the Doctor.