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BTS funny

The living breathing meme named Kim Taehyung

This is mission Imposible!

Hi yes can someone please send me to South Korea so i can marry a cute korean guy just like Taehyung or can i just marry Taehyung please?



bts scenarios | Tumblr BUT DAT IS SMART AS F***!!!

This boy smart af who said he's dumb?

Theyre so savage. . . No one disses bangtan like how bangtan disses bangtan xD

Dissing one another level : BTS

this might be my favorite bts meme

killed me

killed me

His fingers are beautiful Meme Center


Lmao poor Taehyung he just wanted to cuddle with it

Don't mess with Kyungsoo | allkpop Meme Center

Don't mess with Kyungsoo

Is it just me or does Suga look like a nerd trying to be a bad boy

Nunca mudam ❤

He's forever a living meme

Lol cuties

Yes mom these are my love of my life! Not the kids from my school bc they smoke and drink and im not going to drink or smoke✋

❃ pinterest: Andreadinj ❃

Please take note! These bois are the walking MEMES istg bts what even lmao

That should be me

i really hope these boys are getting enough rest, they do so much for us already, the last thing i'd want is for them to feel/be unhealthy ❤️

How did his parents raise such a charming kid? How does someone this cute even exist?

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How did his parents raise such a charming kid? How does someone this cute even exist?>> I want to squish his faceeeee

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TRUE every time he tries to speak English he just ends up cursing

He's like : Hey ! That's mine what are you doing ?!?

The boy is jaded. Tae's charms were not effective lol <<< and then you see the proud parents in the back XD