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  • Mandy Nelson

    Thanksgiving Story Bracelet! It would be fun to separate out cups with sets of the appropriate colored beads and pipe cleaners, give each child a copy of the poem and read it aloud, having them put on the matching bead each time a color is mentioned! {site is FULL of fun Thanksgiving activities!}

  • Marcia Atherton

    Thanksgiving Story Bracelet for kids

  • Courtney McGarity

    thanksgiving bracelet. Cute idea.

  • Rachel Kimbler

    Thanksgiving Story Bracelet and other Thanksgiving ideas

  • Kathryn Berling

    Cute idea! Thanksgiving Story Bracelet.

  • Lili R

    Thanksgiving crafts for kids story Bracelet

  • Kristina Wilson

    Thanksgiving poem and story bracelet. Also on this blog there's downloadable pictures to use for retelling (helps with remembering what color to use). Super cute!

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"Thanksgiving Story Bracelet"- I love this idea, but for older students I might turn this into zipper pulls for their book bag, something relevant to both genders at that age.

Thankful Plateful Activity The kids take home a large plastic plate, and they decorate it with items for which they are thankful.

A nice craft for the kids to help explain why we celebrate thanksgiving....

Thanksgiving Bracelet. We did this today and the kids loved it. Very fun way to learn about the Pilgrims' first year, their travels, their hardships, and how Squanto helped them survive. The bracelet is a great way for them to remember the events.

mayflower craft...gonna do this on Tuesday with our thematic rotation tables in the afternoon

thanksgiving story bracelet | thanksgiving craft for kids

Gather the children for a Thanksgiving video of the Story of Thanksgiving. If your searching for Thanksgiving prayers or a Thanksgiving poem this should serve you well. It's a reasonable rendition of the Pilgrim and Indian Thanksgiving history.

This is a Mayflower book craft for 1-2 grades. Students will learn about the Pilgrims' voyage on the ship and with then create a book that displays their knowledge. There are template questions for those who are not strong writers or students can glue lined paper in their book. This is a creative way for kids to learn about that important voyage, while having fun.

10 cute Thanksgiving crafts and 10 GREAT tips for doing crafts with toddlers. If you craft with your toddler you will want to read these practical and helpful tips.