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RUSKIN BOND : What goes around,comes around A cartoon of the author juxtaposed with a memoir knitting three generations....

- COALPLAY - If you have an odd number of socks, of these,no two will make a pair. (Political Satire from this side of the world)

BUSH - FIRE : The Past and the Spurious !! A Bush fire is at best, understood as a double entendre: one, an ember laden fury levied by nature and the other.... a buffooned wonder, well pickled in war generated oil . Baffled beyond despair ? Read on....

Education they say, is a phenomenon that disguises from the foolish and discloses to the wise, their lack of understanding

MULAYAM.. Uttar Pradesh's Bully Goat Ephemerally, only the sure footed can survive the Ulta Pradesh power quest. This hollow horned mammal hopes he has put his best foot forward.What inspired this caricature is this apologue.