Links to love June 28, 2011

by Whitney Moss
I like this picture so much, I just had to post it. You like? Other stuff I took note of this week: Hotslings, what all the hot dads are wearing right now (comes in lots of colors!) New to the U.S. soft leather baby shoes from Boumy, a Dutch company. What no one tells you about running on...
  • nix joyce

    Cam Gigandet is a hot baby wearing baby daddy!!

  • Christine Mork

    Cam Gigandet as a hot dad. Now this is a REAL MAN.

  • Jannah Boutilier

    there's a real man baby wearing. Cam Gigandet

  • Sidney Ewing-Davis

    Cam Gigandet with his baby. This look with him sporting his baby about definitely trumps any & all others. There is nothing NOTHING more confident & masculine or sexier than a man, a hot one, baby wearing. YES Please!!! #mensstyle #babywearing #camgigandet

  • Lolita

    Baby wearing hot guy... yes please!

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