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Waldorf Literacy

Learning letters by making a block crayon (beeswax) letter book.

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name, letter recognition

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Waldorf Letter A

waldorf teacher shows how he teaches the letter A

No Time For Flash Cardsfrom No Time For Flash Cards

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Crafts for each letter

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c letter

Waldorf Grade 1

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Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Letters ~ Old Freedom Train - Steiner Inspired Alphabet Book

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All about the letter. Worksheets for every letter.

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Sliding Sand

letter S






***Letters and pictures***

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Learning Letters

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Creating Letters


The Magic is...from The Magic is...

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Waldorf Intro

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Waldorf Blackboard

letter h

Parentsfrom Parents

Easy Paper Crafts for Your Kids

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ABC book made out of index cards...awesome! How cool would it be to take pictures of your child's actual items (like their "B" blanket, or their "D" doll). I am going to do something similar with the photo albums that cling/stick. Photos and items for each letter. Making the letters from the other craft page I found!

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4 British

British Columbia

letter B

Slotted Spoon

Alphabet Fishing

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Water Tables


Baby Piranha

Water Play


Go fishing for letters of your name.

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Beginning letter game

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colouring with block crayons

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Learning letters-painting over chalked letters using water.

Waldorf First Grade Letters

Grade 1 Waldorf

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Preview Blurb

Fish Book

Waldorf Activities

Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Letters ~ Main Lesson Book Preview