Printable A4 Version of the 1-12 Curriculum Chart from Michael Hall Steiner School laying out what subjects/topics are explored in what grades/levels

First Grade Waldorf Math Gnomes - Block 2. The four processes.

40 Things We Love About Waldorf Education | Cincinnati Waldorf School

Waldorf Homeschool Rhythm Chart

Waldorf home preschool curriculum--PDF files for 6-week units that emphasize imagination and creativity

Site with beautiful coloring pages. The pages with school subjects are great for binder covers.

Curriculum Overview

Grain Chart for Day Waldorf

The uniqueness of the Waldorf curriculum lies primarily in how and when the children are taught, rather than in what is taught. In presenting material, first comes the encounter; then encounter becomes experience; and out of experience crystallizes the concept.

Waldorf in the Home; 13 Ways to Give your Kids the Benefits of an Expensive Waldorf Education for Free

HEAVY WORK CHORES that Help Calm and Focus | Free Chore Chart Printable for Home, School and Outside

Free apps list by grade levels

hands - class artwork

article The Four Temperaments and their Role in Waldorf Education

Interesting thought: classical unschooling. Though what the post describes is more "relaxed homeschool" than true "unschooling." #homeschooling

13 ways to give your child the benefits of an expensive Waldorf Education for free

Waldorf curriculun

Waldorf education

Loris Malaguzzi A must watch for anyone working in a Reggio Inspired School or anyone working with children

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