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This Girl Got Almost Every Disney Character To Hip-Hop Dance With Her

\ A sweet old lady actually made a video of how to fold a fitted sheet Dog Regularly Rides Bus to Dog Park All By Herself French Bulldog Loves Being Tickled Ice Cream Making In India Vietnamese cake decoration like I’ve never seen before! 01000

Fancy shopping…

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33 Things Your Parents Will Literally Never Understand

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The 23 Most Provocative Questions Posed By Philosoraptor

Now that you mention it... ~Laughed entirely too loud at this while sitting in a doctors office waiting room.~

27 Things Girls Who Are Always Cold Know To Be True

Oh so much. Except that around here it's notsomuch 4 months. It's more like months of being cold, and a couple months of being 'just okay' or occasionally chilly... | 27 Things Girls Who Are Always Cold Know To Be True