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When The Sun reverses it is still a positive card but some clouds now appear in the sky suggesting you still have niggling worries about a situation. You just wish you could let go and enjoy yourself but deep down there is still a feeling of fear and a touch of negativity. You may have doubts about whether things are too good to be true. You must determine if you have real cause for worry or are you deliberately looking for grey clouds? Stop being so negative and pessimistic.

The healer has the bloodiest hands

#Tarot - Key XII Celtic OWL (Hanged Man) - This card is popping up again so let's see what we take away from this image since it's a new deck. Celtic Owl urges you to seek out wisdom and open your mind to new ways of thinking. The unseen world remains dark to many because its reality is doubted or denied. An owl has the ability to see clearly in the black of night. Against starry skies, Celtic Owl symbolizes seeing creation holistically, day or night, and suggests this as a personal goal…

A fun, unique, and surprisingly effective way to learn more about your character! Use a tarot deck or regular playing cards.