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Shearing Sheep - Tips for shearing day

St. Croix sheep are excellent foragers and very easy keepers. Their browsing ability makes them useful for land management, including mowing grass in orchards and the control of invasive pest plants. Though heat tolerant, the sheep can be raised in many parts of North America. excellent choice for low input meat production. The breed has well documented parasite resistance, far superior to that found in most other sheep breeds. Ewes often produce twins and have plenty of milk to raise them.

Katahdins hardy & efficient meat sheep, demonstrate greater parasite resistance than commercial wooled breeds. Katahdins do well in hot & humid climates, but also tolerate cold climates.Most of the sheep are polled.

Raising Sheep without Grazing Pastures

Raising a small flock of sheep can be rewarding. Fiber enthusiasts may want to raise a sheep or two for their spinning craft. Tips on handling a small flock