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Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA has posted a verse of the Holy Quran at the entrance of its faculty library, describing the verse as one of the greatest expressions for justice in history.

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The Prophet and his daughter Fatimah. Peace be upon them both. How do we greet and treat our children?

To treat with black cumin (Nigella sativa seeds) Narrated Abu Hurairah: I heard Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) saying: “There is healing in black cumin for all diseases except death.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari, Book of Medicine, Hadith: 5688]

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99 Names of Allah in english with translation & arabic calligraphy


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Dhul Hijjah has begun - Keep repeating SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar and Laailaah Ilallah all the time...