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90-Day Life Challenge: Create A Cleaning Routine

Life Challenge: Create A Cleaning Routine

90-Day Life Challenge: Amazon's Mechanical Turk

90-Day Life Challenge: Amazon's Mechanical Turk

90-Day Life Challenge: 6 Things I Will Only Ever Buy At The Dollar Store

I love my local Dollar Tree. In fact, there are 3 locations within close proximity to my house. I love saving money, but sometimes, it.

90-Day Life Challenge: The Daily Dozen [Productivity Edition]

Life Challenge: The Daily Dozen [Productivity Edition]

90-Day Life Challenge: Daily Planning [Creating My Life Binder]

Life Challenge: Monthly Planning [Creating My Life Binder]

90-Day Life Challenge: Weekly Financial Meeting

This is an idea that DH and I had flirted with for months, ever since he started his own small business in October Now, with the onset.

90-Day Life Challenge: Savings Goals

This was a big step for me today. I have a tendency to refrain from planning out my financial future because I'm too worried about having.

Chemo Headwear | Cancer Headwear | Headcovers

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Dr Oz: Intermittent Fasting The Fast Diet

Dr Michael Mosley literally wrote the book on fasting to lose weight. He joined Dr Oz to discuss intermittent fasting, and why it could be the exact thing you need to finally slim down.

A Bit of Bravado

A Bit of Bravado

Value your time and be conscious of how you use it. Feel like you’re juggling too many things and you have no idea what to tackle and when, you’re not alone. Do you want to feel extremely productive at the end of the day? Do you want to be productive and not just busy? Check out how I use time blocking to plan a productive day. Pin it now, read it later.

How To Use Time Blocking for a More Productive Day

Feel like you're juggling too many things, you're not alone. Value your time and be conscious of how you use it. You can use time blocking for a productive day.

90-Day Life Challenge: My Medical Port - What Happened And Why I Should Have…

Getting "real" for a minute, when I was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma, I was a stubborn woman.

Here are 10 suggestions for simple lifestyle changes that can to help you in the management of your chronic pain.

Alternative Medicine For Neuropathy

Health And Fitness: 10 Ways to Manage Your Chronic Pain From Home - I love that they mention Cannabis on here, it is most definitely the most helpful for me

9 Things You Should Do Every Weekend To RESET for a Fresh, Smooth Week organizing ideas organizing tips #organized

Mondays don't have to be manic and miserable! There are a lot of easy little things that you can do on the weekends to "reset" for a fresh, smooth work week! This is a MUST READ. - good ideas for non-M-F workers like me as well.