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    Photo To Wood Transfer There are a couple of different techniques for image to wood transfer, this one utilizes a gel medium.

  • Suzanne Curtis

    Photo transfer onto wood, great gift idea.

  • lea carl

    Transfer photos to wood:) Rub a gel medium on a block of wood evenly. Place a picture made with a laser printer on a wood block photo side down and rub on smoothly. Be sure to rub out all the bubbles! Let dry at least 5 hours. Wet a towel and rub off all of the paper; this will take awhile and probably a few sessions, but the results are worth it!

  • Jenny Coyle

    transfer photos onto wood... One of many cool DIY projects on PhotoJojo

  • liberal sprinkles

    DIY: Make Easy Photo Transfers On Wood using gel medium #image_transfers #crafts #art_techniques

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