Two {Repurposed} Tires become a Unique {Sitting} Chair!

Seats made from old tires, colorful and they look really easy!

10 tire ideas

Repurposed tires

Put pillows in old tires for chairs/ foot rests. Chairs for room? I think... YES!!! :-)

Tires :-):-):-)

Getting rid of old tires is a huge problem. Regardless of this reality there are lots of tires that end up in the dumps. This shouldn’t be the case when there are so many ways to transform them. These chairs are perfect examples! Want more ideas on how to repurpose tires? Then view the full collection on our site at


Repurposing old tires.


chair socks... wish i had thought of this idea when my roommates' chairs were cutting holes in the linoleum... at least i can give them the idea before they move them to the new place.


Tutorial puff and set the table with tires (recycling)


bottle cap chair

Old tires turned ottomans. I so need to do this with the hundred tires my husband

tire chair

Old tires as seats

Repurpose! Someone repurposed old tools to make "fish" of different sizes as wall art work.

Old tires swing recliner