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I wouldn’t last 5 seconds in bed with a house like these…(60 Photos)


Wouldn’t it be incredibly awesome if kids did everything without being asked? HOW TO RAISE INTERNALLY MOTIVATED CHILDREN

Baby Quotes – Funny and Cute Quotes for Baby

Beautiful mums. It's so important that it's not just about the baby. Children take much more comfort in seeing themselves with their parents and other family members. It gives them a sense of place and shows them that they fit in to the group.

What to Know Before Painting Laminate Furniture

I’ve been asked by lots of people if it’s ok to paint laminate furniture. It definitely is doable. It’s not my ideal and I wouldn’t buy a piece of laminate furniture to paint, but if there was something I already had that needed a facelift, it’s definitely much cheaper than …

10 Must-Have Baby Items for the First 10 Days

Expecting a new baby? You'll want these ten baby items before you head home from the hospital!

Julia Child's Eggplant Pizzas

Julia Child’s Eggplant Pizzas If Julia made it why wouldn't I? (LMBO. Made these at the sorority months ago! Without the recipe.)

7 Easy Exercises for An Optimal Pregnancy & Labor

Did you know that you can do prenatal exercises to help your body and baby be in optimal shape for a quicker, easier natural childbirth? While it’s certainly no guarantee, prenatal exercises can open our pelvis and position our baby optimally. Truth is, for most of us mamas, natural childbirth is a marathon. We wouldn’t …