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  • Jana Schultes

    Christopher Plummer, Edelweiss, The Sound of Music.

  • Melissa Brobeck

    Captain von Trapp. The Sound of Music.

  • Little Debbie

    The only version from the film that hasn't been blocked for a copyright violation. It's almost always been one of my favorite songs. I always liked the relationship between the Captain and the Ex-nun. Actually, he was kind of a jerk and it was kind of parental. But I still liked Captain, despite his obvious, hard-hearted, flaws. And now I notice how much Plummer and KD Lang resemble one another. Christopher Plummer - Edelweiss sound of music

  • Twila G

    Christopher Plummer :) :) From one of my all time favorite movies. The Sound of Music

  • Bella Podtetenieff

    Edelweiss - The Sound of Music: Christopher Plummer's own voice. His voice was originally dubbed in the release of the film, but this is his own vocal track. Enjoy :)

  • Deb Casselbury

    Christopher Plummer as Capt. Von Trapp - The Sound of Music

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