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Supercells: Supercells are gigantic, spinning storms that have the tendency to be extremely destructive and create tornadoes. Supercells ...

This is a photo sequence containing 70 lightning, taken at Ikaria island during a severe thunderstorm that took place the night of the total lunar eclipse at June 15, 2011.

Pictures of the day: 15 November 2011

A bolt of lightning strikes the sea near Pula, Croatia. Amateur photographer and full time shipbuilder, Matija Sculac, 35, did not have to travel far to catch his favourite extreme weather - these lightning shows happened on his doorstep. Matija carefully monitors local weather each day for the slightest hint of a lighting storm and when one breaks he travels to his favourite spots to capture the action.

A lightning photo with some added special effects.

Calyptic Creationsfrom Calyptic Creations

Custom Printed Wall Calendars

lightning through a volcanic eruption

Hummingbird Ranch, Arizona Rental House, Southeastern Arizona, Pearcefrom Hummingbird Ranch, Arizona Rental House, Southeastern Arizona, Pearce

Hummingbird Ranch Vacation House Rental ~ Pearce Arizona

Uskumatult ilus äikesetormi üle Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. An incredibly beautiful Lightning storm over Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona. (© Scott Stulberg from Corbis)


Lightning Striking Tree

lightening striking tree.....

This is the striking moment when a lightning bolt appeared to shoot straight through a cloud over the breath-taking Kaieteur waterfall. The stunning photo was taken by Robert Harding next to the 820ft high waterfall in the former British territory of Guyana, South America.