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#YumboxSugarSmart #Yumbox Boiled Egg,whole wheat roll up, radish, carrots and cucumbers, pears and cheese. Reducing treat to a few sprinkles!!

Brianne DeRosa on

Breakfast for lunch in @lunchbot! Mini pancakes (w/ pbj or plain), boiled eggs, veggies, fruit. TGIF! #lunchbox

Playdate Yumbox Lunch - featuring carrots, cucumbers, hummus, crackers, lamb meatballs, clementine and grapes. Yum!

DIY Frushi

Easy to make and a huge hit with kiddos! We keep a roll (or three) in the freezer as a quick on-the-go sweet treat.

Vegetable Quesadillas on Whole-Wheat Tortillas

We are travelling today, but this is the lunch that my 9-year-old packed for herself yesterday: Leftover chicken/veggie quesadillas, homemade trail mix, fresh mozzarella balls, oranges, salad, and a little treat - some Unreal "M&Ms" (they don't contain artificial or other junky ingredients, but are still of course candy

Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit Sandwiches

Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit Sandwiches from @Heidi Haugen Haugen | FoodieCrush I love that hard-boiled eggs are used. This would be just plain Yummy!

Nutella-banana sushi - easy to make and a sure hit with your kids. This Yumbox also includes vanilla yogurt, raw cauliflower, pineapple chunks, and 2 candies for a treat.