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Ron Wyatt's Discovering the Exodus Part 1

Ron Wyatt Archeology - Noah's Ark - Audio Cleaned & Video Stabilized - 2012

Ron Wyatt Archaeology - Sodom & Gomorrah - Audio Cleaned & Video Stabilized - 2012

My favorite! Watch this to see ALL the story of Exodus preserved in Archaeology.... Absolutely Amazing! Ron Wyatt Archaeology - The Exodus

Ron Wyatt's Discovering The Exodus Part 3

The following video is Ron Wyatt inside Zedekiah's Caves explaining the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant.

Ron Wyatt Archeology -The Ark Of The Covenant - Audio Cleaned & Video Stabilized - 2012

▶ The Ark of the Covenant found. Kent Hovind explains Ron Wyatt Ark find - YouTube

Ron Wyatt talks about finding the ark in a cave North of Jerusalem, and takes questions from the audience.

Video shot in 2007 of Ron Wyatt's sons and they share their experiences and give their testimonies to the authenticity of some of the finds of Ron Wyatt. Visit and bookmark www.HallowedGroun...