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This wake-up call about the way we treat rape victims. The second comment of course though i miss my dog

Tell me again that we don't live in a rape culture?!

Feminists actually defending a male rape victim? So much for the Men's Right's Activists stopping female rapists.<<<< the truth is if a feminist dosent treat a male rape victim the same as a female one they aren't being feministic

Us lower class know what it's like to serve other people for a living and we know the struggle. Privileged people just don't understand because they've been served their whole life.

You don't have to be ashamed of or feel guilty for being more wealthy or upper class, but you do have to respect others as the people they are, regardless of their socioeconomic relation to you.

Look at the big rainbow behind you!!!

Oh no street harassment here it comes. But then the guy was like "Dude look at that giant rainbow behind you

Would distances also increase? Because if not, the planets in the solar system would be closer.

Except that the distance wouldn't change, so we would absolutely notice and probably die BC the sun would destroy us. Everything gets bigger, including distance

...Did it taste good...?

I'm not one to post pins with a lot of cussing, but I had to pin this one because this very accurately represents me this morning.

Tumblr / iFunny :)

Cause who the fuck can remember shit like glacier, better than you, unicorn breath, etc.

"Honey, we're tired of being hosts for a 30 year old man child. If you marry, you can do the same shit you do now, AND you get a wife on the side!" Best not pull that shit on me, you'll be out on your ass faster than you can cry, "misandry! "

The first part is painfully true. Ignore the second part that's so negative. If no one commented something shitty, bask in that miracle.

Or reddish brown hair and reddish brown eyes, cause i have that

So I would have grey hair which occasionally turned blue and green.~~~~~ And I would sigh deeply at u ppl