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EXO- What Your Favorite Number? Me: 7 (Luhan) Sweet! fellow EXO-L Mine is Kai! 88 baby! Who's Next:)

PLEASE!! although I think I've seen a gif of chanyeol shirtless or something or maybe with just a jacket but no shirt and showing his abs(´∀`) but I'm not sure... As for baekhyun and kyungsoo IT BETTER BE SOON CUZ I NEED TO SEE IT AT LEAST ONCE IN MY LIFETIME PLEASE!!!╮(╯▽╰)╭

EXO I love the way Kai has his jacket over his shoulder. It seems like he's ready to take his shirt off shall the opportunity present itself.

Babies ♥ Suho, Sehun, Kai, Xiumin, Baekhyun, Chen, D.O, Chanyeol | EXO Dear Happiness photobook 2016 ♥

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Babies!!!! Chanyeol, Sehun, Xiumin, Baekhyun, Kai, Chen, Suho, D.O!! So sad without Lay :( | EXO Dear Happiness photobook 2016 <3