Princess Bride FTW!!!

I don’t think you understand how it’s made…: Fundamental Misunderstanding, Vegan, Some People, Comment, So Funny, Baby Goats, Animal


this doesn't make me smile.. but it's true.

The question is: what place has a sign showing people the correct, most fabulous ways to propose to their significant other?

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I see what you did there ..if only raven saw the future of Disney channel to keep that show still on ..

this is true.


2 of my favorite things: Disney princess movies and Call Me Maybe :)

Things I would do...

"And Beyonce herself has nodded at you and whispered "Fierce" hahahahaha I have this mascara worst stuff EVER.: Giggle, Best Mascara, Girl, Mascara Review, So True, Funny Stuff, So Funny

I'm laughing so hard.

So True...If your immune system was a manga character. The most accurate description of what it's like being allergic to cats.

haha so true

Usually the Ryan gosling ones are dumb... this one made me giggle a bit though.. ;)

@Heather Slotnick

Princess Bride

Ahhhh!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3