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[R.I.P] : Jim "The Dragon" Kelly Jim Kelly was best known for co-starring alongside Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. Jim Kelly is one of the most influential Martial Arts film stars, ever. He has inspired and motivated people all over the world of all races and ethnicity. Kelly was the first black Martial Arts film star. Kelly gave young black kids hope and pride thru his movies, style and charisma. He made them believe they could be successful in life. Please share.

Jim Kelly (Millersburg, KY) 1946 - 2013. Kelly was an American athlete, actor, and martial artist who rose to fame during the Blaxploitation film era of the early 1970s. He studied Shaolin-Do and Okinawan Karate and became one of the most decorated world karate champions in the sport winning four championships in 1971. He was the first black martial arts film star and is notably remembered for his role in Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee.

Jim Kelly Actor | Jim Kelly – Enter the Dragon co-star.

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Michael Jai White is an American actor and martial artist who has appeared in numerous films and television series.

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