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True story. Guys with tattoos are so much more attractive than guys who don't have tattoos

This pin refers to my son who asked me if I would go with him to get his first tattoo, yep I did to check how big my influence was not to tattoo a skull . . .

Instead of gifts, I would just like to receive tattoo money. This goes for all holidays, and my birthday :)


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This is more like me

...or a girl. I'm not picky. I want a gentleman/woman who despite their appearance, is a total sweetheart. Who will laugh at my stupid jokes, and snuggle with me and hold me when I'm sad. (And let me play with their piercings and trace their tattoos, and listen to me tell them about all the things I love about them.)

Sister tattoo @Tabitha Gibson Gibson Gibson Gibson Topham ( I'd never get another but this is neat)