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Sometimes I don't wanna have to work for three hours before I get to eat, and then have to wash a thousand dishes when I'm done.

"ways to tell people how you broke your hand" by Jenna Marbles... hilarious

Jenna Marbles - Sexual Wednesday! (Better than Dos Equis!)

amazing what gets you famous these days. this chick makes more money now than she knows what to do with and still lives like a pig.

Jenna Marbles and Harry Potter? LOVE.

Forever Alone... Hahahahahahahhahaahhahahaha

She Received A Seal Of Approval

  • Gabriela Gonzalez

    With all due respect, would you say this about other captive marine mammals and circus animals? Do you really think they're "having a helluva time" in a good way? Or is it possible that they have no choice in the matter? Might they be coerced into doing unnatural things by means food deprivation, pain and fear?

  • Nessica Julai Rose

    Well actually, sorry to have upset you, but I think it is up to the individual animal what they think of their situation, cuz if we are going to respect them as animals with certain intelligence then we should respect their choices. Now I cannot speak for all animals and therefore in discussing things about this seal I intended no implication that it's situation reflected all situations.

  • Nessica Julai Rose

    But it is bad when it makes it so that you, a person who fights for animals, are not able to connect to them spiritually on a level that you can see them making choices.

  • Nessica Julai Rose

    Just like humans, a very skittish animal if I say so, animals don't always choose to be where it seems to us they should.

  • Nessica Julai Rose

    But maybe by assuming they should only be where it "seems" natural to us, we are robbing them of connections they like. But you wouldn't see this part because it's not what you are looking at. So I can understand if you totally don't get what I am talking about. We are n entirely different pages... and I'm chill.

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"The more I drink, the less there is for the kids to drink!" My friend Jesse would say this!! lol