• Janell Schomus

    1973 BARBIE GOIN' CAMPING SET #8869 W/BOX VW BREEZY BUGGY TENT TRAILER My Barbie went on lots of camping trips in this set.

  • Jenny Henry Koivisto

    1973 BARBIE GOIN' CAMPING SET Got this one from my cousins.

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My toys have new toys!


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Dime Store .... Love, Love the Old 5 Dime Stores!

Cursive Letter Boards - (You mean they don't have these anymore?)

Mattel Toys 1969

Barbie Bike with box bright summer yellow barbie bicycle 70s barbie. I had this!

1972: Mod Hair Ken

silver cake decorations

Remember the Smallpox Vaccination? Yes. I also remember taking sugar cubes for Polio.

Grocery Store Checkout, 1970's. Notice all the different sizes of paper bags, but no plastic in those days. And no scanner. All the items had a price on it and the checker pushed buttons to enter the price. You paid with cash or if you wrote a check, you showed two pieces of id. It too a lot longer to check out back then.

Grilled cheese with Campbell's tomato soup

Remember when ding dongs were wrapped in foil? Now there aren't any wrapped in anything, miss Hostess!

1970s Travel Kit Carded Toy #Vintage #Toys

I soooooo had this belt!

throat drops...cherry flavored. I ate them like candy.

When Disney came on every Sunday night.

TV went off at midnight....right after the playing of the National Anthem.

Loved the rainbow...especially when the back wore down and the colours appeared lol

Ben Franklin stores

I loved these bowls.

Pop-o-matic! Love this game when I was a kid