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This is what the Egyptians saw…

Kemet not Egypt. Kemet means Black Land, the word Egypt is from the Greek language, we define our land and our selves just like the rest of the world.

The most untalked about, unappreciated, unknown giant in the African American community - Vivien_Thomas was an African-American surgical technician who developed the procedures used to treat blue baby syndrome in the 1940s.

from Foursquare

The Egyptian Museum (المتحف المصري)

Detail of Tutankhamen’s Outermost Coffin, photographed by Harry Burton, 1926. The golden vulture and cobra goddesses of Upper and Lower Egypt were wrapped in a wreath of cornflowers clasped in olive leaves, which fell to pieces when it was removed, after 3,000 years.

STAR GATES: A GATE KEY? Faience amulet in the shape of an ankh, 25th dynasty to Late Period, about 700-500 BCE. WHO BUILT THESE THOUSANDS YEARS AGO?? WHY?? WHAT DO YOU SEE?? WHAT DO YOU THINK?? WHAT DO WE KNOW?? Is There Something We Are Afraid Of Discovering? Car