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K-3 art! This paint/bubble technique is so much fun for kids to do and the results are stunning!

Paper Plate Sheep Mask for Kids

Adorable sheep mask or Spring lamb craft activity for kids, that even toddlers can make. So cute for nursery rhymes or farm themed imaginative play.

Jack be Nimble Nursery Rhyme Gross Motor Activity

This nursery rhyme gross motor activity is quick to prepare and so much fun to do! My kids loved jumping over the candlesticks with the Jack be Nimble nursery rhyme.

Which finger did he bite? {12345 Little finger biting fish peg craft

Cute little finger biting fish craft to go with the nursery rhyme 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Reinforce the nursery rhyme, Jack Be Nimble, with this fun One-and-Done project! The students love substituting their own names for Jack as they jump over a candlestick that we bring in from home - unlit, of course!