RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera on The Clutch Shoulder Rig

F BMCC Cage: The F Blackmagic Camera cage shown here is sporting an Alphatron Broadcast EVF, is sitting on top of a Miller tripod, has an Canon L series lens, a green BNC cable, and oh yeah a BMCC in there too… Oh wait the F dons a top handle some nifty little holes for 15mm rods and that’s it for now.

RED EPIC DRAGON - Neuer Sensor, gleiche Ausrüstung Mit einem brandneuen 6K-Sensor und erweitertem Dynamikumfang setzt die EPIC DRAGON neue Maßstäbe für das digitale Kino.

Red Scarlet-X: From the infamous Red Camera line comes the Scarlet-X. A very affordable truly professional camera. Shoots 4K,16-bit RAW, and up to 120 fps. With an interchangeable lens mount, you can use EF, PL, and F-mount lenses. The camera also has 13.5 stops of dynamic range, up to and a plethora of build options to get the setup that you need. A standard camera package costs around $15,000.

The ARRI ALEXA is a step in between 1080p cameras like the F3 and Canon C300. At 2.5K resolution, many cinematographers believe it offers the most celluloid-like images.PL mount (which was invented by Arriflex). Widely rentable.

RED Digital Camera - Epic

only because a camera strap needs to be stylish

This is my film camera of choice right now. SLR-Like operation with insane image quality. Makes a Hasselblad seem like a point and shoot.

'MASTERY' Vincent LaForet's RED Epic is a filmmaker's dream camera. It is the lamborghini is cameras and if you truly want to be the best at what you do. This should be your goal as a filmmaker to acquire one of these cameras.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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Black Magic's crazy new 2.5K Cinema Camera features 16-stops (!) of dynamic range, and a bare-bones design that is elegant in its simplicity. Very cool.

GCAM 3-Axis Gimbal for Sony A7s, GH4, BMPCC up to RED Epic from Motion9

2 Axis Slider camera rig

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Red Scarlet - X

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Canon's newest "mini-pro" video camera. All the features of a pro camera in a body that fits in your pocket. At $1899, it's much more affordable than the pro cameras of generations past.