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I love this! It's short and by referencing a mythological story (or fable) you can express an entire story in just a few lines.

cosmic-rinascita: "La caduta di Icaro", di René Milot. "Non rimpiangere tua caduta, o Icaro della impavido flightFor la più grande tragedia di tutti è di non sentire la luce che brucia." Celebre Life Coach, Oscar Wilde

Icarus - the fall, or rotated 180 degrees, the flight. If you enjoy this pin, check out the book, Icarus and the Wing Builder.

Bronze Transport including Road / Rail / Air / Aircraft / Sea / Maritime sculpture by artist Nicola Godden titled: 'B.Icarus Rising VIII (bronze Soaring and Melting Wings statue statuette)'

She looked upon the burning wings. Her knees buckled underneath her, sending her softly into the snow. How the flames flickered and fluttered off the tips of the feathers. "He's gone," she whispered; her pale pink fingertips smoothing out the wrinkles and smothering the flames.