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How to Make an Angel Halo

Angel halos are an easy-to-make accessory to go with any angel costume. Using a few supplies from your local crafts store, you can make your very own sparkling, gold halo for your next costume party or Halloween gathering. So if you plan to dress up as a beautiful angel, whatever the occasion, learning how to make a gorgeous halo can help you do...

No Sowing Angel Costume - White material, I used a sheet so it wouldn't fray. Measure from shoulder to ankle and wrist to wrist. Fold material in half and Cut small 1/2 circle in the very middle for the head. Cut two slits at waist height that go all the way through to the back. Halo made using Glittery Pipe Cleaners, wrapped around a thin, cheap headband that I got at the Dollar Store. Insert a Q-Tip into the Pipe Cleaner that goes straight up for stability or keep the Halo short and low.