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My silver kitty and my orange kitty are seniors now but they were adorable like this once. Only, not at the same time, together. More like a year apart. But they were still super cute. I like cats.

Abyssinian kittens... If we ever decide to get a cat, I'm almost positive this will be it. They behave more like dogs than cats - some will even play fetch!

soft kitty dancing in a dream/ 5 Adorably sleeping pets you have ever seen, it is so perfect :)

" Who doesn't want a box of kittens? I mean come on!! " ~ Me, me ! I want a kitty! The 4 dogs don't want a kitty . . . .

BE A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS! Tell Washington University to Stop Hurting Cats! At Washington University in St. Louis, pediatrics residents use cats to learn how to insert a breathing tube in a human infant. They force long tubes down the cats' windpipes, which can cause bruising, bleeding, scarring and intense pain. The cats will be abused again and again like this for years. PLZ Sign & Share!