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Winter Climbing in Leonidio, Greece –

A Data Scientist Devises the Best Rock Climbing Road Trips in America

Using data from " and Google Maps API, data scientist Michael Skaug put together a guide to the best rock-climbing road trips in the country."

Brief Illustrated History of Rock Climbing

Brief Illustrated History of Rock Climbing

Avoid Finger Blowouts - Protect your finger pulleys when climbing. From Climbing Magazine. By Guillaume Michaud, M.D.

Don’t forget your climbing gear at home. Use our Sport Climbing Checklist to head to the crag with all the essentials, including a rope, harness, helmet, shoes, belay device and quickdraws. Click the pin to see a complete checklist.

A Romantic Proposal at the Climbing Gym

Rock Climbing Proposal by India Earl

You can climb any hill with our list of six cycling tips to incorporate into your training. #tothelimit

8 Ways to Improve your Climbing

8 ways to improve your climbing from Cool of the Wild:

How to Avoid Tendonitis from Climbing | Climbing