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    Ogun Balendjo. Mention the name to his children and you will get anything from fond smiles to stories of his protective and nurturing side. Well...


    I love upside down asanas.


    Because Lasiren is a fish she has to disguise herself as a woman to be at Mardi Gras. My mask and hat cover her fish’s head. And the dress she wears covers her fish’s tail. The chain I wear is a sacred chain. Each year I change the disguise and fashion a new baby. In order to get inspiration I go to the place where the big beasts live and they instruct me how to do Mardi Gras. I have been doing this for 18 years. Because Lasiren is a fish she has to disguise herself as a woman to be at Mardi

    "Celestite has an uplifting, calming and expansive quality, making it good for contemplation and meditation, and is effective at lifting heavy moods and sadness..." -from The Power of Crystals and Crystal Healing by Sue and Simon Lilly Ohio Celestites are today's inspiring Crystal of the Day! :)

    papa legba veve

    Make the most out of life by recognizing your connection to the world around you, using lovely Chrysoprase from Tanzania, today's prosperous Crystal of the Day "Said by the ancients to promote love of truth, Chrysoprase promotes optimism and personal insight. Inducing deep meditative states, it imparts a sense of being part of the Divine Whole. This stone assists in looking at egotistical motives in the past and the effect that has had on your development, and aligns your ideals with your behavior. Chrysoprase heals your inner child, releasing emotions locked in since childhood, and, overcoming compulsive thoughts, turns your attention to positive events. This stone stimulates acceptance of oneself and others." - Judy Hall from The Encyclopedia of Crystals "The frequency of Chrysoprase reminds one of sunlight falling through fresh new spring leaves. It carries an energy of growth and ripening promise. Chrysoprase brings hope even into the darkest regions of one's shadow self. It reminds us of our constant connection to the source of All-That-Is. Its energy expands the heart chakra and allows one to receive the infinite Love and Abundance of the Universe. It helps one accept one's birthrights of prosperity, joy and health. It helps one to understand one's interconnectedness with all of creation and to heal feelings of separation and isolation. Chrysoprase is an excellent prosperity stone and a powerful Love attractor. It helps one prepare the heart for a new relationship. It allows one to overcome bitterness and past disappointment and to approach new relationships with the curious heart of youth. It can aid in identifying patterns and habits in relationships, clearing them before they create blockages." - Naisha Ahsian from The Book of Stones "Spiritually... Chrysoprase encourages a calm and contemplative view of life and is especially suited to gentle people who have shades of pale blue in their aura. Emotionally... Chrysoprase bestows trust and a feeling of security. It will aid in becoming independent of others and to be content with ourselves. While it physically detoxifies, it also relieves us of oppressive images or can help to deal with them. It will aid in putting an end to recurring nightmares, especially in children who may wake crying at night and not recognize their surroundings. Mentally... Chrysoprase helps us to recognize egotistical motives in ourselves by encouraging an examination of whether our real actions are in or out of harmony with our own inner ideals. It aids in avoiding compulsive behavior and thought patterns, and in cases of negative attitudes, draws our attention to positive events."- Susan Sullivan, Howl at the Moon Gems Chrysoprase Affirmation: "I see myself and others through the lens of the heart's compassion, and I grow in the paths that serve the good of all." - Naisha Ahsian from The Book of Stones Additional information on Chrysoprase is available at these fine links: The Book of Stones: Howl At The Moon Gems:

    "By dissolving guilt and bitterness, [Rose Quartz] teaches you to love and accept yourself, forgive the past, and live from your heart." - from 101 Power Crystals by Judy Hall Rose Quartz from Madagascar is today's soothing Crystal of the Day! ♥