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Has anyone noticed that since the boys went home they have tweeted about it but all mikey has tweeted about is growing a plane beard his dog and a shitty day??? like why can't you come home to me where i promise no shitty days like he hasn't even talked about how his parents have missed him or anything this makes me sad :(

I like this; Represents two sides of music. Some songs get you pumped up, while others a reflective of an emotion you are feeling. Life and it's duality.

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#imagine fan: what are those? Are they letters from Y/N? Ashton: yeah they are. I just wish she was here but this is as close as we can get with her in school. Fan: well I'll let you go read them then. Thank you for coming down here to meet us *hugs* Ashton: no, thank YOU because without the fans we wouldn't be where we are. But I wish Y/N was here too. I love her. AND I love you guys!!!! Don't forget to get SLSP!!!!!

Stop it! Stop! Im going to cry. Too late. Niall is my dream guy. This isnt even funny i want this to happen so bad