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Oh Niall!! He's just my cousin please everything is fine please stop making that face I'm going to implode I'll get rid of him and have him removed from the family babe I'm sorry!


Stop it! Stop! Im going to cry. Too late. Niall is my dream guy. This isnt even funny i want this to happen so bad

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5SOS Fan

5SOS Fan Shirt (Hoodie)


Who loves 5SOS Me. I do. 5 Seconds of Summer ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring 5sos, 5 seconds of summer, 5sos extras and bands

@/nbcsnl: #tbt in honor of @/onedirection's soundcheck today. We know Dan Charles is super pumped. #SNL

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Remember to Forget - Chapter 1

Luke Hemmings why do you like the rain so much? Because it reminds me that I'm still alive

Guys!! Today is the day I realised that I also am a fan of them and I joined the 5sos family!!!!! I'm not sure whose girl I'm. Honestly I like them all!!! So I'm a directioner and a part of the 5sos fam! If you have a 5sos group board invite me!!! - Lourdes xx

I literally just broke down in tears because I'm an Luke Girl and this pin is so true :'(

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SuperHero (Luke Hemmings bad boy)

The only thought going through his mind: "Mums gonna kill me....."

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5 Seconds Of Summer on

Luke is like 'when can I get outta here?'and calum is like hmm its actually not as bad as i thought