Luke Hemmings

I can imagine him taking in a big gulp of air and saying "yes"


#imagine "This shy boy behind me really likes you" Luke says to you as he points to Ashton.

me too luke me too!

Just imagine him watching you walk by

#IMAGINE you:'Luke wht in God's name are you doing?"you ask your boyfriend you guys where out downtown and he has been making the weirdest faces Him:it's cold out here You: "you look like you need to take a shit" you state Luke:no!!! OMG now I'm so embarrassed " he starts laughing that cute laugh of his when he gets shy . And this makes your heart melt so you kiss him on the cheek. ..and tell him"its okay I was only kidding. You actually look really cute" he smiled and then kiss you on the l...

guys... I once had a nightmare that he did that and then I got really scared... can we maybe trend #WeLoveLuke #LukeSavedUs and everyone tweet him at least 3 reasons you love him...

Ashton Irwin Imagine 5 Seconds of Summer Imagine do you guys like my imagines??

Ashton Irwin is my Boyfriend 5SOS Hooded Sweatshirt Repin and Like please, Check out Noelito Flow songs on Noel's youtube

What happens when Ashton's Gone

You're stupid & I hate you, but I love you, but I still hate you. It's complicated...

Imagine this is Luke's-I MEAN MY face when you walk by. FEEL THE STARE. #starinatdubooty

Luke Hemmings


This is one of their best pictures ever!! Even tho they have like billions of the best picture ever

Same here boys, same here.

Luke Hemmings