Stylish in crimson on the streets of New York, 1957. #vintage #fashion #1950s

I love fashion photography of the last century and more if it is framed in the wonderful city of NY. I made a selection of the work of the best fashion photographers who portrayed the

Peggy O'Connor 1950

Actress Peggy O'Connor on a sound stage, 1950 I ‘Brawny and Buoyant’: A Portrait of West Coast Youth of the

Unknown Sassy Lady circa 1950s– found on Letters of Vintage [SHE DEFINITELY NEEDS A DIFFERENT BRASSERIE]

Preserved Moments of Historical Sass (Vol.3)

1950s, New York, via Flickr.

1950s, New York, via Flickr.

Susie Q + Twirly Swirly 1940's British Wartime Fashion.

Susie Q + Twirly Swirly

Burgundily smiling ravenette in mustard cable knit sweater, mauve pleated pencil with cherry nails, kidney brown handbag