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Citronkaka med hallonglaze

Citronkaka med hallonglaze |

Edible Flowers

Lemon Cake with Edible Flowers Recipe

Lemon cake with edible flowers ©Via Citronkaka med blomsterprakt | Mat

Baka friska och fräscha bakverk med citron! Njut av en saftig citronkaka, en oemotståndlig cheesecake och en läcker citrontårta med lakritsbotten.

Hallon och ricottakaka (Elsa Billgren)

Hallon och ricottakaka

Italy is one of my favorite countries to visit: the beautiful coastlines, historical cities, charming villages and passionate people – and of course: the food! Italian cuisine is one of the most vegan-friendly in Europe. Sure, they throw parmesan on top of everything, but often they just give you a bowl on the side where you add it yourself, and if not you can pretty much always ask them to omit it in your dish. Italian cakes however have received very little attention (except for gelato)…

Enkel citronkaka garnerad med florsocker, rivet citronskal och söta små tusenskönor.

Mandelcitronkaka med knaprig vitchokladfrosting

lavender and lemon cake with blackberries.

Saftig citronkaka med krämig ricotta och blåbär | Matmagasinet