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For the Laundry Room Work for the Lord 8 by by EmilyBurgerDesigns. $20.00, via Etsy.

Remind 101...downloaded it onto my iPhone to test out this year with my students' parents :)))

5 Ways To Work As Unto The Lord

I should do this for teaching the sight words... it'll help to make it more fun and practice letters.

The Nine Parts of Speech Three little words you often see, Are articles - a, an, and the. A noun's the name of anything As school, garden, hoop, or swing. An adjective tells the kind of noun - Great, small, pretty, white, or brown. Instead of nouns the pronouns stand - Her head, his face, your arm, my hand. Verbs tell of something to be done, To read, sing, jump, or run. How things are done the adverbs tell, As slowly, quickly, ill, or well. Conjunctions join words together, As men and women, wind or weather. The prepositions stands before A noun, as at or through the door. The interjection shows surprise, As ah! how pretty --- Oh! how wise. The whole are called nine parts of speech, Which reading, writing, speaking teach. The poem The Nine Parts of Speech was written by Green Baker in 1865 or 1866

Included in the packet are the materials I used to set up my TEACCH / work task station in my classroom (schedules, labels, and data sheets)

Autism Classroom News: independent work systems

The beginning is the dream God puts in you. It may seem small, but He has great plans for you; plans to prosper you. Be ready for anything!

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