when I was young my favorite place to be was on a swing somewhere...and still is!

Swing in tree

Another type of sanctuary...one doesn't need to be here physically to enjoy it. It takes only a deep relaxation to fly to this place and forget whatever that can be bothering us....

tire swing

This could have been taken at any one of the places we lived over the years....Big shade tree surrounded by cornfields!

swings + sunlight

perfect tree swing.

Tree Swing


The ORIGINAL tree swing. Totally getting one of these when I have a house! This website has other great Natural toys/crafts.

Kid's Tree Deck.

Big Sur, California.

My fantasy back yard leading to a cutting garden followed by wildflower meadow... #sigh


swings :)

.Beautiful and relaxing cottage style


happening one day.

Adorable Tree House to escape and be a kid.