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Love playing hockey Mondays night and practice yoga Tuesday night... Of course after having 2 hr run Saturday mornings. Love my own personal journey of becoming strong!!!!

Retrain your mind. Process life as it is before you. Not how you think it should be.

Be Free and Live Life to the Fullest~ If you say, "I can't do this". Ask yourself, "is this true"? Usually it is just a thought that is limiting you~ So stretch yourself a little and see what amazing things you CAN do! You may just surprise yourself~ Bebeautifulyoucoa...

hells yah. i wish i lived by the beach where i could do my yoga... instead of hardwood floors w/ a baby and dogs and cats crawling on me :/

Now that's what I call partner yoga! Beautiful forearm stands on both sides.

#yoga I wonder when I will be able to do this crazy thing

Ashley Albrand on Handstands | sayanasana // pincha mayurasana variation