"My unfinished tall ship. Me and my best friend got matching tall ships to remind us that we will always be there for each other tho the calm and the rough times no matter what we will be there for each other. Done by Greg reiman of Ocean Ink Sydney, Australia." via FYTattoo

I love old school tall ship tattoos, I want to get the same tall ship my dad has.

ship tattoo

Stay calm and get inked

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This is way too much but I'd love to get a tattoo of mountains (reminds me of home)

I love ships


“You can’t change the wind; you can, however, adjust your sails.”By Jason at Cottage 13 Hamilton, Ontario

Got this from Pino Bros Ink in Cambridge MA. All the art was done by me, the tattoo artist was awesome with putting it on me perfectly though. More insight on the tattoo here http://blog.trzown.me/post/48041188332/minimal-simple-tattoo-for-dad

incredible use of white ink

blooms in grey

Fox ink.

fox tattoo

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tatt colour

Peter Aurisch design

Blue ink tattoo



All sizes | Thinking about inking?, via Flickr.